XPG Alpha Gaming Mouse Best Review For Gamers-2022

Do you use gaming mouse? The computer mouse is one of the essential pieces of technology in the modern world. Whether for casual use or intense Gaming, you will always require a Mouse. Numerous computer mouse have been produced over the years, with each iteration improving upon the last.

The Alpha Wireless is XPG’s most recent Gaming Mouse product. It claims to be one of the best gaming mouse currently available. Is it truly so good? If you are looking for the solution to that question, you have arrived at the correct location. This article examines the XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse’s pros and cons and concludes whether it is suitable for use.

The ideal Gaming Mouse should excel in four aspects. These Classes are:

Design & Comfort

If a Gaming Mouse meets the criteria above, you can consider it high quality. I have been testing the XPG Alpha Wireless for a week, and here are my thoughts on it.

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Design & Comfort

The XPG Alpha Wireless boasts a remarkable Ergonomic Design that fits most palm sizes snugly. It is lightweight and has an excellent Curve shape, allowing the fingers to rest comfortably. If you are a Gamer, you will enjoy the Mouse because you can use any of the Hand Grips to hold it, whether you are playing a MOBA game such as League of Legends or an FPS game such as Apex Legends.

The RGB Lights within the XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse illuminate the XPG logo, the Mouse Wheel, and the underside of the Mouse Buttons. The Mouse features six distinct tactile buttons that feel great to use. If you enjoy the sound of buttons clicking, then this Mouse will be a treat for you.

The XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse includes a Thumb rest to prevent unnecessary Thumb drag or movement slowdown.

This Mouse was built by XPG using their patented Exoskeleton design. This design tries to combine the strengths of aesthetics, performance, and function. In general, they have been successful in doing so. The Mouse is quite pleasant to use and works like a charm for Gaming.

The Wired Cable has locking grooves that prevent it from becoming loose. I haven’t completed many Headshot Quests in recent FPS games, but the Mouse helped me accomplish so.

XPG Alpha Wireless Features

The XPG Alpha Wireless excels in a competitive setting as a gaming mouse. The Wireless Mouse provides three ways to connect to a PC: 2.4G, wired, and Bluetooth 5.1. Bluetooth 5.1 is not the quickest method of Communication between a Mouse and a PC, so it is more suited for recreational use.

Alternatively, the 2.4G and wired solutions are ideal. Regardless of the situation, wired is always the best option, although 2.4G has proven accurate and responsive. There are six buttons on the XPG Alpha wireless gaming mouse. Except for the DPI button, each button is mapped to any function you like.

For a Gamer, the additional two buttons are quite useful for key bindings. It could be used for Communication as a rapid weapon or ability use. In addition, the DPI button is programmed to a DPI range of 100 to 16,000. Therefore, you may toggle between Slow & Accurate and Quick & Instant movements with a single click.

Clicking heads in games such as CS: GO, or Valorant feels wonderful and crisp. If you feel like a Headshot Demon, this Mouse will transform you into a Monster. You will be accused of hacking; I have been. In all seriousness, the Mouse is quite reliable and has assisted me in Clutch rounds.

Numerous features are available on the XPG Alpha Wireless Mouse. Here is a list of its features:

Connectivity – Wireless 2.4G / Bluetooth 5.1 / Wired Battery Approximately 60 hours
Sensor – PAW 3335
Resolution – 100-16,000 (via PRIME)
IPS – 400
Acceleration Maximum – 40 G
Rate of Polling – 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz (via PRIME)
Switch – OMRON has a rating of 60 million clicks
RGB Lighting Effect (PRIME Support)
Voltage – 5 V Current – 410 mA
Material: PC + ABS Button Quantity: 6
Dimension – 128 x 78 x 40mm (5.04 x 3.07 x 1.57 in)
Weight – 98 ±5g (without cable)
Length of Cable – 1.8 m (5.9 ft)
Certification: CE/FCC/BSMI/NCC/VCCI/TELEC Operating System Compatibility – Support for Windows PRIME-v

It is what the XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse includes. The Mouse supports XPG PRIME. XPG PRIME is a specialised piece of software that allows users to customise and change the Mouse to their taste. From the Lighting to the DPI, you may configure everything. You can reassign Keys and configure Profiles to suit your needs. The XPG PRIME is the ideal tool, and its use has been a blessing.

Some of the XPG PRIME options are somewhat limited, but if you log in with your credentials, you will gain access to additional Features. As stated previously, you can create three profiles for your needs. Changing the number of Steps causes the DPI Button to scroll between one and six DPI choices you have defined in the XPG PRIME software.


The XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse is quite sturdy and long-lasting. During Gaming, the Mouse may withstand some Fall Damage and Slams. As a Low-Sens individual, I frequently lift and drop the Mouse. The XPG Alpha Wireless could withstand all the poundings, particularly when things became hot. Occasionally, Valorant can be rather painful. Despite having a Solid Form, it has a Plastic Body. Therefore, I do not propose throwing it against a wall or the ground. If you avoid doing so, the Mouse will continue for a very long time.

The XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse has a battery life of over 60 hours. I can attest to this since I routinely used it on 2.4G mode, which consumes a great deal of battery. The Mouse went an entire week without being charged. Even if the battery dies, an hour of charging will provide you with nearly a day’s worth of use.


The XPG Alpha Wireless Gaming Mouse is quite robust and remarkable. Although I have praised the Mouse extensively in this Review, it does have a few drawbacks. The XPG Alpha Wireless Mouse costs around 4,782.58 INR. It is expensive, considering that most gaming mice have superior specifications and designs. Second, the Wire that comes with the Mouse is not as pliable and can be annoying. Additionally, if the Wire becomes damaged, you need to obtain a replacement from XPG, as third-party USB Type-C cables will not function. If you can deal with this, then the XPG Alpha Wireless is a viable alternative for you.

The wired version of the XPG Alpha Wireless is around $1,500 less expensive. However, it is not as advantageous as the other available options. The XPG Alpha Wireless, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and quite good. Purchasing the XPG Alpha Wireless is, in my opinion, a reasonable and worthwhile investment.

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