The Ten Most Popular Roblox Games of All Time (2022)

Who does not appreciate having their virtual fantasy world? A location where one can meet new people and share their experiences. Roblox, a platform managed by the community, is among the most popular online gaming platforms. According to the website, each of the most popular Roblox games has been played over a billion times by its players.

Popular Roblox games can be played in their virtual world for free. It has a lot of fans of all ages, and 50% of its users play games with other people simultaneously. Over 26 billion visits have been made to the most popular Roblox games. One hundred million monthly active users from 200 countries devote countless hours to creating and playing these games online.


In 2016, MeepCity, the first and one of the greatest Roblox games ever to achieve one billion visitors, was released. This game, designed by Alexnewtron, allows you to compete against millions of other MeepCity members. While earning coins, you can socialize, participate in numerous activities, and customize your estate.

Roblox says that Alex keeps playing MeepCity to learn more about it and determine what makes it so popular.
He declared, “Although we have a small team, we design concepts and content based on how gamers interact with MeepCity.” After watching how much players enjoyed roleplaying in the pizza parlor, we decided to add an ice cream parlor, which the community adored.


The fourth season of the over 3.1 billion-times-played Roblox game Jailbreak is currently underway. At the 2019 Bloxy Awards, the Roblox community voted it the “Game I’ve spent the most time playing.” The game is the pinnacle of heist or raid chasing suspense. Jailbreak allows you to be both a police officer and a criminal simultaneously.

It is one of the most entertaining and amusing Roblox games to play with friends. If you take the role of a criminal, your purpose will be to escape prison. If you choose the part of a police officer, your objective will be to prevent the criminal from escaping.

The game was produced by Alex Balfanz and an unnamed developer in early 2017. The duo expressed astonishment at Jailbreak’s rapid and ongoing popularity in an interview. Users can play Jailbreak on Roblox or bring it to life with toys and playsets.

Adopt Me

Several games have gained sudden popularity within the gaming community. Then there are games like Adopt Me! with over 500,000 concurrent users. With the release of its new feature, the ability to adopt pets, it became the most successful Roblox game ever, selling 3.1 billion copies. Even more surprising is that over 100,000 people are still playing the game simultaneously, adopting dogs, building their own houses, and exploring Adoption Island.

Adopt Me! (creative director) and NewFissy (tech director) are the founders of Adopt Me! In 2017, the team tested Adopt Me!, which was an immediate success. Their objective was to encourage actual customer adoption.

Royale High

Imagine a world where you could dress up, impress others, and meet new people every day. It sounds like the perfect fantasy. It is the essence of high school life at Royale. You can join tens of thousands of other gamers at any given time to explore their worlds and participate in their lives. Seven billion people have played Royale High, which Callmehbob created. A self-described “girlie girl” with 500,000 followers and friends, she is a Roblox celebrity.

Callmehbob began playing at 12 and then decided to study Roblox Studio to create a beautiful dress-up and roleplaying environment. Royale High started in 2017 and immediately rose to become one of the most popular Roblox games, with millions of players worldwide creating beautiful items. According to the person who made the game, future users of Royale High will be able to expand their clothing lines and make more money.

Murder Mystery 2

Who does not appreciate a good mystery? Nevertheless, are you capable of solving the mystery without getting killed? Nikilis created Murder Mystery 2 in 2014, one of the most intriguing games on the Roblox platform. The game has been played over two billion times and is extremely popular worldwide.

Your role in the game is uncomplicated. Give yourself an assignment: Only the innocent can bring the killer to justice, so the sheriff partners with them. The murderer seeks to exterminate everyone while avoiding being shot by the sheriff. Sounds delightful, right?

Nikilis, who had previously played various games on the platform, commented that his experience with Murder Mystery 2 was exceptional. The compelling idea of the game has propelled it to the top tier of Roblox games.

Work at a pizza place

Are you a pizza connoisseur or an actor? Or possibly both? If the questions are answered positively, you have won the lottery. Working at a Pizza Place, one of the longest-running Roblox games teaches you how to manage a pizza shop. The game is said to have influenced game designers such as Callmebob, who ranked it as one of their favorites.

The game, released in 2008, confronts players with completing pizza orders and collecting money to improve their pizzeria. The more you play, the larger your house will become, and you’ll be able to furnish it with increasingly more furniture, floors, etc. This game teaches a range of skills and allows you to switch roles in a pizza business. Work at Pizza Place has been played 3,5 billion times.

“While working as a grocery store bagger, the idea for the game came to me,” creator Dued1 disclosed in a statement. Being a bag boy taught me the concept of an assembly line; someone would place the food on the shelf, scan it, and then the bagger would bag the items. I wished to incorporate that into a video game.

Willkommen in Bloxburg

As a child, did you also fantasize about embracing adulthood? However, Welcome to Bloxburg can assist you in reaching your objective. Welcome to Bloxburg. Bloxburg, established by Coeptus (pseudonym) in 2014, is a virtual city where you can live and work by choosing from a selection of available positions. The players use their money to build and decorate a house, make new friends, and explore Bloxburg.

Before creating Welcome to Bloxburg, Coeptus had no practical development experience. It is due to his enthusiasm for computers and video games. In addition, he highlighted how the game quickly gained popularity after its release. Welcome to Bloxburg is regarded as one of the greatest Roblox games ever. Popularity on social media is prevalent, especially on YouTube. There have been 1.4 billion games played.

Prison Life

2014-established Jail Life is a popular game with a unique prison theme that will hold your attention. The 2016 Bloxy Award was given to the game for having the most mobile visitors and concurrents (at the time). The developer known as Aesthetical began his first year of college in 2017 and has recently reaffirmed his dedication to the game. It may result in interesting new improvements for Prison Life on Roblox fans.

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility has been played by over 1.1 billion users, making it one of the most popular Roblox games. This 2017 thriller’s escape from The Beast concept quickly piqued the audience’s curiosity. Your aim? Hide or run as swiftly as possible from the beast.

One player is a killer who hunts down survivors, while the remaining players are fleeing survivors who must work together to unlock the exits. Mr. Windy, the game’s creator, is a college student with an addiction to game design. Hundreds of thousands of passionate Roblox community members enjoy Fleeing the Facility.

Super Hero Tycoon

Remember when the hardest decision you had to make was which superhero you wanted to be? In Super Hero Tycoon, you are no longer your realm’s cape king or queen. A game that allows you to build an unbeatable referee will make your dream come true.

This game was developed in 2016 by the Dutch company Hidden, which has a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. The game’s trailer is on his YouTube channel, which has an astounding one million views. It is, along with the fact that Super Hero Tycoon has been played a billion times, that makes it one of the best Roblox games of all time.