Top TikToker Khaby Lame Finally gets Italian Citizenship-2022

Khaby Lame, the reigning monarch of TikTok, now holds the additional title of being Italian. According to the government of Chiavasso, the 22-year-old social media influencer currently holds the title of the most popular TikToker with 148 million followers. He took his oath of citizenship on Wednesday in Chiavasso, a municipality outside Turin.

Khaby Lame migrated to Italy from his birth in Senegal as a child. However, due to the stringent restrictions regarding Italian citizenship, he was not granted citizenship until recently.

After Khaby Lame became the creator with the most followers on TikTok in June, his predicament, along with hundreds of other young people who were born in Italy or raised there by parents who are not Italian, became a topic of discussion in the news. The fact that he wasn’t Italian was brought to light by the fact that he was being referred to as “Italy’s TikTok king.”

Carlo Sibilia, Italy’s deputy interior minister, tweeted on June 24 that Lame’s application for citizenship had recently been approved. It was in response to the allegations.

“Hey there, @KhabyLame! I am writing to inform you that the decree that would award you Italian citizenship was released by the Ministry of the Interior at the beginning of June this year. The local office will contact you shortly to inform you about your oath and contact you soon. “I wish you the best of luck,” Sibilia tweeted.

The reassurances gave the impression that Lame’s application had been processed under standard operating norms and had not been given any preferential treatment due to his recent rise to prominence on TikTok.

A regulation that allows children born to non-Italians and raised in Italy to apply for citizenship when they turn 18 is a regulation that critics say discriminates against thousands of children who are culturally Italian but are denied citizenship. According to Italian law, these children can apply for citizenship when they turn 18.

Some people believe that the law discourages integration and causes some children to be stateless.

It is common practice for lawmakers on the center-left in Italy to attempt to amend the regulations to speed up the naturalization process. In the United States, for instance, all children born on American territory automatically qualify for citizenship, regardless of the countries of origin of their parents.

However, Italy’s right wing has maintained for a long time that citizenship should only be passed down through families with Italian ancestry. The most recent suggestion suggested that children of immigrants born in Italy or who arrived in Italy before 12 should be allowed to petition for citizenship once they have finished at least five years of schooling in Italy.

The city hall of Chiavasso filmed the brief ceremony in which Khaby Lame became an Italian and questioned him about the differences since the ceremony.

Khaby Lame remarked, “It’s not that previously, before signing, I didn’t feel Italian, so very little has changed.” “It’s not that before, before signing, I didn’t feel Italian.” “However, as of at this moment, on paper, I am an Italian.”

Khaby Lame cute films of his reactions to ordinary life, in which he never says a word, propelled him to the top of the TikTok popularity rankings. When he was let go from his manufacturing work because of the pandemic, he took advantage of his extra time by producing and uploading more videos to his channel. As a result, his fan base grew significantly.

When asked about his rise to global celebrity impact on his life, Khaby Lame responded that despite their financial hardships, his family has always been happy, both when he was a child and now. “It’s not the same world we live in; it’s an entirely different reality.  “Which is something I am not used to at all, but I am getting used to it gradually,” he remarked.