The Greatest Animated Films Of All Time (2022)

Examine the list of the top 10 animated films of all time. As we all know, the number of anime fans grows daily. However, if you’re a beginner and haven’t seen any Anime films or television episodes yet, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We propose that you begin by watching movies and then Anime. There is a wide variety of films across the globe. But to help you choose, we have compiled a list of the best animated films in the article below.

Spirited Away (2001) – Animated Films

Spirited Away is the most well-known and esteemed in animated films of all time. Chihiro, often known as Sen, is a 10-year-old girl whose parents are transformed into pigs by a curse in this film. She is working for a witch and attempting to return her parents to normalcy. Spirited away is also one of Japan’s highest-grossing films.

Ninja Scroll (1993) – Animated Films

If you are a fan of ninja battles, then this Ninja Scroll is for you. The plot of the film centres around the great swordsman Jubei Kibagami, a mercenary. A clan of ninjas commanded by a ghost from his past is pursuing him. He encounters a gorgeous ninja girl and a crafty spy during his travels. This film’s tale is compelling, and we strongly advise watching it.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) – Animated Films

It is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl who discovers she can time travel. However, she utilizes her time travel to boost her grade. She had no idea that tampering with time may damage the lives of others. Eventually, she attempts to remedy the situation with the remaining leaps; proceeds to the next section to learn what transpired.

Akira (1988) – Animated Films

Akira is one of the best animated film based on three manga volumes. In this film, you will encounter Akira and Shotaro Kaneda, two motorcycle gang leaders. However, the plot focuses on their friend Tetsuo Shima, who gets extraordinary abilities following a bicycle accident. Tetsuo attempts to bring about the world’s end, while his friend attempts to stop him.

Your Name (2016) – Animated Films

Taki and Mitsuha are the two main protagonists in this film. The narrative begins when their bodies are swapped. This film features a fantastic plot in which the characters find themselves in a peculiar circumstance. Your Name is strongly suggested if you are a beginner.

Princess Mononoke (1997) – Animated Films

Princess Mononoke is among the highest-rated anime films ever made. The film’s two major characters are Ashitaka, a tribal prince, and San, a woman. San is the figure who wolves raised in the forest. The cursed prince of Ashitaka ventures into the wilderness in search of a cure. Throughout his voyage, there are numerous events that you should observe.

Grave of the Fireflies  (1988) – Animated Films

Grave of the Fireflies is set during the second world war when two siblings get separated. The film details every aspect of their survival. If you’re a fan of war drama films, you shouldn’t miss this one.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) – Animated Films

My Neighbor Totoro should not be missed if you search for the best anime films to watch with your family. The narrative focuses on two young girls having fun with forest spirits. There are also numerous humorous moments to share with your family.

Perfect Blue (1999) – Animated Films

In Perfect Blue, you will encounter a heartbreaking narrative in which a pop singer becomes an actress but is later hounded by a fanatic. This film is highly recommended for fans of psychological thrillers.

Weathering With You (2019) – Animated Films

In the novel Weathering With You, a youngster named Hodaka relocates to an island. On this island, he encounters a young woman with the power to control the weather. In addition to focusing on the plot, the film addresses societal themes such as poverty, childrearing, and others.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2022) – Animated Films

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is a prequel of Jujutsu Kaisen series. This film focuses on a figure named Yuta Okkotsu, one of the most powerful users of Cursed spirits. He is also the first Jujutsu high school student. The Jujutsu kaizen series is popular worldwide; trust me, you do not want to miss this epic tale.

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