What is amethyst? Amazing & Interesting meanings of amethyst across cultures- 2022

For generations, amethyst has been admired for its beauty and capacity to calm the mind and emotions. According to the ancients, it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone of comparable value to a Diamond. Historically, amethyst has been associated with the month of February, which the Romans ascribed to Neptune.

Thus, it’s the traditional birthstone for that month. As the Bishop’s Stone, it represents St. Valentine and devoted love. It combines fire, passion, creativity, and spirituality with Temperance and sobriety.

It is a beautiful gem whether its crystals are natural, tumbling, or faceted. Quartz is found worldwide. Geodes, clusters, and single terminations create translucent, terminated crystals of all sizes. Amethyst can be found in vitreous masses and polished into talismans.

Manganese in transparent Quartz creates it; iron varies the purple color. It’s transparent or opaque and ranges from mild red-violet to deep violet. It is sometimes combined with Cacoxenite, blended with Citrine as Ametrine, or “rutilated” with Goethite.

Amethyst’s power to enlarge the higher intellect boosts creativity and enthusiasm.

History & Uses

The gemstone known as amethyst gets its name from the Greek word am├ęthystos (o), which translates to “not drunk.” Bacchus angered over an insult, ordered his tigers to devour the first person he saw.

This stone was on her way to Diana’s shrine when she was killed. As the animals attacked, she sought the goddess’ protection and was changed into a crystal. Bacchus regretted his cruelty and poured grape juice over the stone to make it purple.

The unique property of amethyst is that it inhibits intoxication and excessive consumption of food and drink. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed wine from an Amethyst cup wouldn’t cause intoxication. They believed that an Amethyst near the navel sobered both intoxication and passion.

Its rings protected Catholic bishops against mystical drunkenness. Kissing the ring prevented mystical intoxication and grounded spiritual thought.

About the stone, it is said to curb evil thoughts, boost intelligence, and make men business-savvy. It protected travelers from deceit and surprise attacks. It protected soldiers and helped them defeat adversaries. It helped hunters catch animals and birds. Additionally, it was believed to protect against witches and other forms of dark magic. Like other royal stones, it warded from illness.

Its crystals connect spiritually to the Divine. The stone known as Allamah served as both the ninth inlay in the breastplate of the High Priest and the twelfth foundation stone for the New Jerusalem. For burial purposes, Egyptians fashioned amulets out of Hemag in the shape of hearts. It was used in the worship of “gem-cities” and “trees of life” in Eastern cultures. It brought astrological and planetary influences into alignment. Its rosaries and prayer beads were popular. It created a pious calm, mental tranquility, and quietness.

Its healing powers and meanings remain the same today. It is a spiritual and peaceful stone renowned for its metaphysical power to soothe the mind and facilitate meditation. Its high frequency removes negative energy and attachments from the aura. It produces a Light barrier around the body, maintaining clarity and centering while opening one to spiritual guidance. It strengthens the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras, hence enhancing cognitive perception and intuitive skills. It promotes wisdom and understanding and comforts mourners.

It stimulates creativity and passion by expanding the higher consciousness. It improves imagination, intuition, and thinking. It aids in assimilation, action, and project completion. It is a focus and success talisman.

It is a great crystal for body jewelry, healing rituals, and decorating. It fades in sunlight, so be careful. Holding the stone under running water while declaring it’s cleared might also help clear its energy. Unpolished Amethyst recharges other stones.


Amethyst’s Aesthetics

It is especially in darker tones, is a creative arts talisman. It helps develop new results using old tools and approaches. It is also known as the Poet’s Stone, the Composer’s Stone, and the Painter’s Stone. Amethyst crystals or clusters focus and magnify the Universal Life Force’s creative aspects.

Th amethyst, called the “all-healer,” heals people, plants, and animals. Amethysts and geodes that are natural and unpolished can be used to assist plants grow or animals sit. It counteracts negative earth energies under buildings.

It helps diplomats, negotiators, and businesspeople. It calms violent tempers and helps in debates. It brings spiritual and intellectual awareness. Amethyst helps reduce overspending, gambling addictions, and foolish investments.

Amethyst represents balance in the tarot card Temperance. It helps curb overindulgence, poor habits, and unhealthy physical passion. It gives the strength to overcome one’s own or another’s addictions. Placing an amethyst gemstone on the navel prevents intoxication and worsens addictions when combined with counseling.