Is Electra a Healthy Sports Drink? Prior to Shark Tank- 2022

What is Electra? The brand of sports hydration drink known as Electra was featured on the show Shark Tank. Because there wasn’t an excellent sports drink that was also nutritional, the company’s creator decided to make one. Athletes must pay attention to both their game and their fitness if they want to keep up a high level of performance.

If we’re talking about beverages, the sports category also includes sports drinks; however, these beverages are unable to meet the requirements of the sport. There are many different brands that market their products under the moniker of a sports drink, despite the fact that they have a significant number of calories, sugar, and other ingredients.

Therefore, it serves as a replacement for sports Electra, which offers a beverage for athletes that is a combination of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids. There are three different kinds of flavours for these drinks: passion fruit, orange, and itty bitty lemonade.

Who Is The Founder Of Electra?

Fran Harris, the founder of the Electra brand, is a woman who possesses a variety of talents and who was active in athletics throughout her time at college. In January of 2021, she launched Electra Beverages in the state of Texas. Since January 1995, she has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at the marketing agency, Fran Harris Enterprises, LLC Company.

She attended the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate degree as well as her master’s degree in journalism. Subsequently, she attended the same university for her master’s degree in technology commercialization.

In addition to that, she spent two years working as a college professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and she also hosted the television show “Home Rules” on the home improvement channel HGTV.

She is an expert, thought leader, speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer who is looking to ascend to new levels of sales, revenues, and/or leadership by implementing tested marketing and sales strategies that have produced more than $20 million in revenue from product sales, speaking engagements, training engagements, and consulting engagements. These strategies have been proven to be effective.

Prior to Shark Tank, Electra

Fran, the company’s founder, has extensive experience in this field as a result of her long tenure in the relevant field of work. She already ran a marketing agency, so she was able to use her husband’s marketing skills to sell enough of her first brand to be happy with it.

On her website, the company’s creator mentioned that in 2021, she would give a donation equal to 10% of her total income to the Food and Water Project. In addition to selling their items online, they also sell them in retail locations, which contributes to the highly healthy rate of their sales.

What Happened To Electra In The Shark Tank?

Electra is an all-natural sports drink that was highlighted on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 9 as a potential investment opportunity. The founder of the Electra brand is looking for an investment of $350,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in Shark Tank for his company. It is a type of beverage brand that is known for producing hydration drinks.

In terms of its market value, the hydration drink industry is currently valued at 15.2 billion US dollars and is experiencing moderate annual growth. This category is sometimes referred to as the “healthy sports drink category.” There are currently a lot of different brands competing in this market. So the New York-based company, Cure Hydration, has been successful in raising $2.6 million in funding.

This market for hydration drinks is relatively young, yet there is already a fair amount of competition within it, and several well-known companies are beginning to enter this sector.